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Website Design

Different websites serve different purposes. It is important to know the purpose of your website before launching into designing and building one. Your website should be search engine friendly and pleasing to the eye. More importantly, it should be functional and serve its purpose. When designing websites, our team delivers functional design and a complete online business solution. We work closely with you to determine what you need from your website and build from here.

Vivid Graphics specialises in the following;

Mini Website

A mini website consists of a single webpage, an email address and a contact form. It is generally used as an extension of your business card, allowing visitors to learn about your business and contact you online.

Brochure Site

A brochure site is simple website which usually consists of less than five pages and whose purpose is to showcase a company or business. It is a site that is generally used to describe what you do and is branded to match company colours and style. The site has little functionality and is often built to be a “set and forget” site.


Short for “Web Log”, a Blog site is used to post online articles, diary entries, discussion points, and personal experiences. Often visitors to blogs are encouraged to comment and create discussions beneath a blog post. Attaching a blog to your site is a great way to share original, useful content regularly to keep your site fresh.

Opt In Page

The Opt In Page is a single webpage used to encourage visitors to sign up to (“opt in”) or download a product. These pages often contain sales copy, an “opt in” form, and a “call to action” (e.g.:sign up now). The opt in form collects contact information submitted by the visitor which is then stored in a database. This information can be used to send regular e-newsletters, marketing material or digital correspondence. Anti-spam laws require visitors to be given the option of “opting out” of the database so as not to receive further correspondence from the company.

Product or Service Based Website

A Product or Service Based website usually consists of five or more pages. This type of website offers or sells products and services to the public without being an e-commerce store. Sales may be made directly from the website, or indirectly by requesting contact information to email invoices.

E Commerce Site

An e-commerce site is an online store and is used primarily to sell a range of goods. This type of site requires a third party payment gateway to collect payments and is regularly maintained and updated as stock is bought and sold.

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