Why Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation are Important…

Check your grammar, spelling and punctuationWhen you put yourself, and your business, online, you are (hopefully) projecting your most professional image possible and aiming to gain respect, increase your engagement and audience and build your product. You can have the best product, dynamic design, fantastic graphics and heaps to say about it, but when you don’t place importance on the little things, like spelling, punctuation and grammar, your audience can dwindle quickly.

Have you ever visited a website and been bombarded with misspelt words and random punctuation? It’s a significant distraction and turn-off for even the most forgiving of readers. There is an argument that spelling mistakes bring engagement to a page or website, with people clicking on your links just to let you know your error. But whilst you may obtain valuable visitors to your site, readers of this calibre are unlikely to stay or return, as their impression of your content is now tarnished. Incorrect spelling, misplaced punctuation and misinformed grammar reflect poorly on your business, throwing any hopes of a basically literate business image out the window.

Bad grammar, spelling and overuse of punctuation damage your brand by labelling you lazy. In today’s technological age, there is really no excuse not to utilise spell and grammar checks when it comes to your valuable marketing strategy. This is reflected when customers or clients don’t return to your site or recommend your product.  If you don’t take the small amount of time to ensure your brand is advertised or promoted correctly, how can you expect people to believe that you have dedicated any time towards a quality product?

Missing these vital components in presenting your content can reflect in your Google rankings as well. Studies have shown that people allocate, on average, six seconds to allow content to ‘grab’ them, and if what they read in that time is grammatically incorrect, you’ve lost a potential client or customer. Spelling errors can cut company online sales in half and the use of bad grammar and punctuation have been shown to influence search engine rankings as it affects the reliability of the site. All experts agree that a significant factor in providing an effective site is ensuring it uses proper grammar and spelling.

Not only is bad spelling, grammar and punctuation embarrassing and potentially harmful for your brand, it can directly affect your online presence, sales and rankings. You may very well be an expert in your field, but if you cannot write or spell accurately, you are letting yourself and your business down. If you are aware that this is an area of weakness for you but have something significant to contribute, keep your credibility, save yourself the embarrassment and invest in a professional copywriter to write it for you.

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