Social Media – Your Buiness Needs It!

Why your business needs social mediaSocial media has taken the world by storm. It’s a broad based term for a collective of online communities and networks as a means for interaction to create, share and exchange anything from a recipe to a business proposal. Social media is the new medium for both small and large business to directly interact with existing and potential customers, promote their products and services and gives a business their own unique personality.

Social media is no longer geared solely towards the younger generations, with more and more Australian companies and personalities flocking to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to build their brand. Think Kevin Rudd on Twitter, or Coles Supermarkets on Facebook, these social media sites offer subjective information and give the general public opportunities to like, share, interact and comment on all aspects of the business brand. Word of mouth is amplified on social media, with 85% of brand followers choosing to follow new brands on recommendations of their online peers (source:

Much like picking the most prominent ad for the Yellow Pages, your social media profile needs to be aimed directly at your client demographic, connect with relevant users and updated frequently. Your social media activity can give you valuable feedback and a way to communicate with your followers, but it will also directly inform search engines, especially Google, how popular your business is online, and subsequently bring your business “up the ladder” in search indexes.

When working with your graphic design team, make sure they offer you original design for your social networking sites, as well as strategic advice and basic tips. Although social media is highly accessible and is considered to be somewhat “free” advertising, having an understanding of how your sites can work for you and their basic functions will allow you to utilise them more to gain maximum exposure and, ultimately, potential clients for your business.

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