Logo Design Services

Logo Design

A logo is a graphic mark, image or design used to identify a company, individual or product. It allows instant recognition of a brand and is crucial for any company or business.

A logo must be easily recognised and therefore should not be too detailed, nor should the primary design contain “special effects” (such as shadows, 3D or gloss effects). A logo is best designed using a limited palette and should work well in both colour or greyscale. It should easily convert to black and white (which differs from greyscale) and must not lose detail when resized.

The most successful and easily recognised logos have been created using basic shapes and a limited colour palette. Think of the Nike tick, or the MacDonalds golden arches.

Our experienced design team will walk through the creative process with you, allowing you maximum input into the feel and image you would like your logo to convey. Upon completion of your design, we will supply your logo in a variety of file formats, ensuring consistent use across a diverse range of mediums.

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